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2023 Camp Dates

Boy's Camp - June 29- July 2
Girl's Camp - July 6 - July 9

2023 Training Dates
 To be announced  

What is TRAC?

Teen Reach Adventure Camp (TRAC) is a positive, faith-based summer camp experience that offers hope and encouragement to foster children who are 12 to 15 years old that may have suffered abuse, neglect, or abandonment.


The camp is specifically designed to ensure the success of every foster child who attends camp. Each three-day camp provides a unique ratio of one counselor to every two children, and each camp is single-gender to promote a greater level of comfort

between staff and attendees. Through quality time with each child and encouragement, each child leaves camp with a positive outlook on life. Campers explore the wilderness, participate in waterfront activities, make crafts, and participate in a low-level challenge course that helps the children recognize the importance of self-respect, teamwork, and communication while having fun.

The Conference


Want to know the impact that just 3 days can have on the life of a kid in foster care, sign up to volunteer! It takes nearly 100 volunteers in order to host a TRAC camp! Below are some of the volunteer needs for camp:

Cousin (Counselor) - The most vital role at camp, the cousins are the volunteers that walk beside the campers each step of the way. 

Aunt/Uncle (Support Staff) - The aunt/uncle role is to help out with all of the behind the scenes needs that present themselves at camp.

Challenge Course Facilitator - We need individuals who have the skills needed to lead low-level challenge course activities.

Camp Nurse - We need a least one nurse to provide medical assistance if needed while also being in charge of passing out the kid's medication.

Therapist - We need at least one therapist at camp to provide professional assistance should a kid need some help during the camp experience.

Kitchen Staff - One way to show love is through food. We need cooks that can help make amazing meals for the kids and staff.

Arts & Crafts - We need creative individuals to help plan out and execute arts & crafts activities that will allow our kids time to make keepsakes that they can take home.

Photographer/Videographer - We need talented individuals to capture the moments of camp so that the kids that we serve have a photo book to take home to remember camp.

Day Volunteer - We need a handful of day volunteers to come up during the day and help out with certain camp needs.

If you are interested in volunteering with TRAC Statesboro, please click on the button below and fill out the form in its entirety and someone will contact you shortly.



Princess Program

The Princess Program is the first day of girl's camp at TRAC. The theme of the day is that 'you are a daughter of the King and deserve to be treated as such.' The day begins with a bible study and is followed by 4 stations in which the girls get to pick out a prom-like dress, get their hair and make-up done by professional stylists, get to pick out jewelry and accessories, and get their picture taken by a professional photographer. After being pampered all day, the girls are then escorted by Christian men down a red carpet where they are served an elegant four course meal.  The day concludes with the girls dancing the night away.


The purpose of the Princess Program is to tear down the walls that these girls might have up and allow us to share the love of Christ with them. The transformation of the girls on this day is pretty remarkable and can be life altering.  

The All Star Program is the first day of boy's camp at TRAC. The theme of the day is that 'you are not average in the eyes of the Lord but an All Star.' The day begins at Georgia Southern where the boys hear from a member of the GSU football program. They then get to wear an authentic GSU football jersey and play flag football on the field at Paulson Stadium. After football, they get to go shopping where they get to select a new pair of  shoes, athletic shorts, and shirts. Following shopping, the boys go to different stations where the activities range from karate, music, science experiments, skateboarding, etc... After a fun-filled day, the boys run down a red carpet and through a paper banner with their name on it. They then are served a nice steak dinner and conclude the night with dancing. It is truly an amazing day and is the perfect start to the TRAC experience!

of foster kids will be incarcerated by 18 years old



Every four minutes, a child (under age 18) is abused in America.
of the nation's adult homeless were foster kids

3 IN 10

of foster kids earn a college degree



All Star Program


Here is what the kids have to say about TRAC...

“I had so much fun at camp. It really helped me overcome a lot and helped me see things like it can take more than a year to forgive somebody that hurted you and it takes a lot to forgive somebody but one day you’ll forgive them.” – Camper J.

“I really do appreciate the Bible study, it helped me so much more than I can imagine…I cried at one of the bible studies.” – Camper K.

“I finally know who I am” – Camper T.

Past Events

Past Events


2016 TRAC Camp Video
2015 TRAC Statesboro Promo Video

Photo Galleries


TRAC Statesboro is run solely by volunteers and is paid for by the generous donations from our local churches, businesses, and community. Any amount donated will help us reach our goal of sending 50 kids to camp this summer. Listed below are specific opportunities of how your donations can help make camp happen:

Send a Cabin of  6 Kids to Camp - $2,100


Send a Kid to Camp - $350

Pay for a Kid's All Star/Princess Program Experience - $150

Buy a New Pair of Shoes for a Kid - $60

Buy a New Teen Bible for a Kid - $20

We are grateful for every financial gift made to TRAC Statesboro because each dollar received is used to fund our operations and impact the lives of foster kids who desperately need our help. To donate, simply click on the button below.

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